Wording Guide

Wording Guide

Starting to write your invitation wording can be daunting but please don’t let it worry you. The main priority is telling guests where and when you will be married. If you have ordered a sample wedding invitation from us please feel free to use the wording we have designed the invites with or amend to your tastes. Wording can be used to express your personality and give a feel for the day you have planned, whether that be elegant, laid back or fun packed!



The essential details to include are:

  • Who’s hosting
  • The request to come to the wedding
  • The names of the bride and groom
  • The date and time
  • The location
  • Reception information
  • RSVP by date and return address (if no separate RSVP card is being sent)

The Request to come to the wedding is where your personality can shine through, below are some examples.


‘Request the honour of your presence’

‘Request the pleasure of your company’



‘Would love for you to join them’

‘ Invite you to celebrate with them’


Another great place to give your guests a glimpse into the atmosphere of the big day is with the reception information, for example:

‘Champagne reception and dinner to follow’

‘Fun & frolics to follow in the marquee!’



Information cards can be tailored to your requirements. Details which may be useful to your guests includes the following:

  • Full location address and directions.
  • Nearest train stations
  • Local Taxi Firms and phone numbers
  • Nearby accommodation and websites
  • Gift List
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